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撒迦利亞 11 [繁體:NASB]   
  1. 利巴嫩哪、開開你的門、任火燒滅你的香柏樹。
  2. 松樹阿、應當哀號、因為香柏樹傾倒、佳美的樹毀壞.巴珊的橡樹阿、應當哀號、因為茂盛的樹林已經倒了。
  3. 聽阿、有牧人哀號的聲音、因他們榮華的草場毀壞了。有少壯獅子咆哮的聲音、因約但河旁的叢林荒廢了。
  4. 耶和華我的 神如此說、你撒迦利亞要牧養這將宰的群羊.
  5. 買他們的宰了他們、以自己為無罪.賣他們的說、耶和華是應當稱頌的、因我成為富足。牧養他們的、並不憐恤他們。
  1. Open your doors, O Lebanon, That a fire may feed on your cedars.
  2. Wail, O cypress, for the cedar has fallen, Because the glorious trees have been destroyed; Wail, O oaks of Bashan, For the impenetrable forest has come down.
  3. There is a sound of the shepherds' wail, For their glory is ruined; There is a sound of the young lions' roar, For the pride of the Jordan is ruined.
  4. Thus says the LORD my God, "Pasture the flock doomed to slaughter.
  5. "Those who buy them slay them and go unpunished, and each of those who sell them says, 'Blessed be the LORD, for I have become rich!' And their own shepherds have no pity on them.
  1. 耶和華說、我不再憐恤這地的居民.必將這民交給各人的鄰舍、和他們王的手中。他們必毀滅這地、我也不救這民脫離他們的手。
  2. 於是我牧養這將宰的群羊、就是群中最困苦的羊。我拿著兩根杖.一根我稱為榮美、一根我稱為聯索.這樣、我牧養了群羊。
  3. 一月之內、我除滅三個牧人.因為我的心厭煩他們、他們的心也憎嫌我。
  4. 我就說、我不牧養你們.要死的、由他死.要喪亡的、由他喪亡.餘剩的、由他們彼此相食。
  5. 我折斷那稱為榮美的杖、表明我廢棄與萬民所立的約。
  1. "For I will no longer have pity on the inhabitants of the land," declares the LORD; "but behold, I will cause the men to fall, each into another's power and into the power of his king; and they will strike the land, and I will not deliver them from their power."
  2. So I pastured the flock doomed to slaughter, hence the afflicted of the flock And I took for myself two staffs: the one I called Favor and the other I called Union; so I pastured the flock.
  3. Then I annihilated the three shepherds in one month, for my soul was impatient with them, and their soul also was weary of me.
  4. Then I said, "I will not pasture you. What is to die, let it die, and what is to be annihilated, let it be annihilated; and let those who are left eat one another's flesh."
  5. I took my staff Favor and cut it in pieces, to break my covenant which I had made with all the peoples.
  1. 當日就廢棄了.這樣、那些仰望我的困苦羊、就知道所說的是耶和華的話。
  2. 我對他們說、你們若以為美、就給我工價、不然、就罷了。於是他們給了三十塊錢作為我的工價。
  3. 耶和華吩咐我說、要把眾人所估定美好的價值、丟給o戶。我便將這三十塊錢、在耶和華的殿中、丟給o戶了。
  4. 我又折斷稱為聯索的那根杖、表明我廢棄猶大與以色列弟兄的情誼。
  5. 耶和華又吩咐我說、你再取愚昧人所用的器具。
  1. So it was broken on that day, and thus the afflicted of the flock who were watching me realized that it was the word of the LORD.
  2. I said to them, "If it is good in your sight, give me my wages; but if not, never mind!" So they weighed out thirty shekels of silver as my wages.
  3. Then the LORD said to me, "Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them." So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the LORD.
  4. Then I cut in pieces my second staff Union, to break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.
  5. The LORD said to me, "Take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd.
  1. 因我要在這地興起一個牧人.他不看顧喪亡的、不尋找分散的、不醫治受傷的、也不牧養強壯的.卻要喫肥羊的肉、撕裂他的蹄子。
  2. 無用的牧人丟棄羊群有禍了.刀必臨到他的膀臂、和右眼上.他的膀臂必全然枯乾、他的右眼也必昏暗失明。
  1. "For behold, I am going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing, seek the scattered, heal the broken, or sustain the one standing, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off their hoofs.
  2. "Woe to the worthless shepherd Who leaves the flock! A sword will be on his arm And on his right eye! His arm will be totally withered And his right eye will be blind."
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