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哥林多後書 2 [繁體:NIV]   
  1. 我自己定了主意、再到你們那裡去、必須大家沒有憂愁。
  2. 倘若我叫你們憂愁、除了我叫那憂愁的人以外、誰能叫我快樂呢。
  3. 我曾把這事寫給你們、恐怕我到的時候、應該叫我快樂的那些人、反倒叫我憂愁.我也深信、你們眾人都以我的快樂為自己的快樂。
  4. 我先前心裡難過痛苦、多多的流淚、寫信給你們.不是叫你們憂愁、乃是叫你們知道我格外的疼愛你們。
  5. 若有叫人憂愁的、他不但叫我憂愁、也是叫你們眾人有幾分憂愁、我說幾分、恐怕說得太重。
  1. So I made up my mind that I would not make another painful visit to you.
  2. For if I grieve you, who is left to make me glad but you whom I have grieved?
  3. I wrote as I did so that when I came I should not be distressed by those who ought to make me rejoice. I had confidence in all of you, that you would all share my joy.
  4. For I wrote you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love for you.
  5. If anyone has caused grief, he has not so much grieved me as he has grieved all of you, to some extent--not to put it too severely.
  1. 這樣的人、受了眾人的責罰、也就彀了.
  2. 倒不如赦免他、安慰他、免得他憂愁太過、甚至沉淪了。
  3. 所以我勸你們、要向他顯出堅定不移的愛心來。
  4. 為此我先前也寫信給你們、要試驗你們、看你們凡事順從不順從。
  5. 你們赦免誰、我也赦免誰、我若有所赦免的、是在基督面前為你們赦免的.
  1. The punishment inflicted on him by the majority is sufficient for him.
  2. Now instead, you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow.
  3. I urge you, therefore, to reaffirm your love for him.
  4. The reason I wrote you was to see if you would stand the test and be obedient in everything.
  5. If you forgive anyone, I also forgive him. And what I have forgiven--if there was anything to forgive--I have forgiven in the sight of Christ for your sake,
  1. 免得撒但趁著機會勝過我們.因我們並非不曉得他的詭計。
  2. 我從前為基督的福音到了特羅亞、主也給我開了門。
  3. 那時因為沒有遇見兄弟提多、我心裡不安、便辭別那裡的人往馬其頓去了。
  4. 感謝 神、常帥領我們在基督裡誇勝、並藉著我們在各處顯揚那因認識基督而有的香氣。
  5. 因為我們在 神面前、無論在得救的人身上、或滅亡的人身上、都有基督馨香之氣。
  1. in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.
  2. Now when I went to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ and found that the Lord had opened a door for me,
  3. I still had no peace of mind, because I did not find my brother Titus there. So I said good-by to them and went on to Macedonia.
  4. But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.
  5. For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.
  1. 在這等人、就作了死的香氣叫他死.在那等人、就作了活的香氣叫他活.這事誰能當得起呢。
  2. 我們不像那許多人、為利混亂 神的道.乃是由於誠實、由於 神、在 神面前憑著基督講道。
  1. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life. And who is equal to such a task?
  2. Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.
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