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Ecclesiastes 8 [NASB:繁體]   
  1. Who is like the wise man and who knows the interpretation of a matter? A man's wisdom illumines him and causes his stern face to beam.
  2. I say, "Keep the command of the king because of the oath before God.
  3. "Do not be in a hurry to leave him. Do not join in an evil matter, for he will do whatever he pleases."
  4. Since the word of the king is authoritative, who will say to him, "What are you doing?"
  5. He who keeps a royal command experiences no trouble, for a wise heart knows the proper time and procedure.
  1. 誰如智慧人呢.誰知道事情的解釋呢.人的智慧使他的臉發光、並使他臉上的暴氣改變。
  2. 我勸你遵守王的命令.既指 神起誓、理當如此。
  3. 不要急躁離開王的面前.不要固執行惡.因為他凡事都隨自己的心意而行。
  4. 王的話本有權力、誰敢問他說、你作甚麼呢。
  5. 凡遵守命令的、必不經歷禍患.智慧人的心、能辨明時候和定理。〔原文作審判下節同〕
  1. For there is a proper time and procedure for every delight, though a man's trouble is heavy upon him.
  2. If no one knows what will happen, who can tell him when it will happen?
  3. No man has authority to restrain the wind with the wind, or authority over the day of death; and there is no discharge in the time of war, and evil will not deliver those who practice it.
  4. All this I have seen and applied my mind to every deed that has been done under the sun wherein a man has exercised authority over another man to his hurt.
  5. So then, I have seen the wicked buried, those who used to go in and out from the holy place, and they are soon forgotten in the city where they did thus. This too is futility.
  1. 各樣事務成就、都有時候和定理.因為人的苦難、重壓在他身上。
  2. 他不知道將來的事、因為將來如何、誰能告訴他呢。
  3. 無人有權力掌管生命、將生命留住.也無人有權力掌管死期.這場爭戰、無人能免.邪惡也不能救那好行邪惡的人。
  4. 這一切我都見過.也專心查考日光之下所作的一切事.有時這人管轄那人、令人受害。
  5. 我見惡人埋葬、歸入墳墓.又見行正直事的、離開聖地、在城中被人忘記.這也是虛空。
  1. Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil.
  2. Although a sinner does evil a hundred times and may lengthen his life, still I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear Him openly.
  3. But it will not be well for the evil man and he will not lengthen his days like a shadow, because he does not fear God.
  4. There is futility which is done on the earth, that is, there are righteous men to whom it happens according to the deeds of the wicked On the other hand, there are evil men to whom it happens according to the deeds of the righteous. I say that this too is futility.
  5. So I commended pleasure, for there is nothing good for a man under the sun except to eat and to drink and to be merry, and this will stand by him in his toils throughout the days of his life which God has given him under the sun.
  1. 因為斷定罪名、不立刻施刑、所以世人滿心作惡。
  2. 罪人雖然作惡百次、倒享長久的年日.然而我準知道、敬畏 神的、就是在他面前敬畏的人、終久必得福樂。
  3. 惡人卻不得福樂、也不得長久的年日.這年日好像影兒、因他不敬畏 神。
  4. 世上有一件虛空的事、就是義人所遭遇的、反照惡人所行的.又有惡人所遭遇的、反照義人所行的.我說、這也是虛空。
  5. 我就稱讚快樂、原來人在日光之下、莫強如喫喝快樂.因為他在日光之下、 神賜他一生的年日、要從勞碌中、時常享受所得的。
  1. When I gave my heart to know wisdom and to see the task which has been done on the earth (even though one should never sleep day or night),
  2. and I saw every work of God, I concluded that man cannot discover the work which has been done under the sun Even though man should seek laboriously, he will not discover; and though the wise man should say, "I know," he cannot discover.
  1. 我專心求智慧、要看世上所作的事.(有晝夜不睡覺、不合眼的)
  2. 我就看明 神一切的作為.知道人查不出日光之下所作的事.任憑他費多少力尋查、都查不出來.就是智慧人雖想知道、也是查不出來。
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