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̾ 19:1-21:14

ϳԲ ߸ ϳ ư ĸ Ȯ ̴ּ. ̾߰ ö ̷ ޽ åڿ ٽ ׸ ̹Ͽ. ̿ ̾ߴ ڽ ϳԲ ϸ źϿ. ٺ ħϿ ⿡ ó õ ̾߿ ⵵ Ź, ̾ߴ ٺп ׺ Ͽ.
  1. Thus says the LORD, "Go and buy a potter's earthenware jar, and take some of the elders of the people and some of the senior priests.
  2. "Then go out to the valley of Ben-hinnom, which is by the entrance of the potsherd gate, and proclaim there the words that I tell you,
  3. and say, 'Hear the word of the LORD, O kings of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem: thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, "Behold I am about to bring a calamity upon this place, at which the ears of everyone that hears of it will tingle.
  4. "Because they have forsaken Me and have made this an alien place and have burned sacrifices in it to other gods, that neither they nor their forefathers nor the kings of Judah had ever known, and because they have filled this place with the blood of the innocent
  5. and have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as burnt offerings to Baal, a thing which I never commanded or spoke of, nor did it ever enter My mind;
  1. Ϫ 룮 êƣ ԶԪ ⪤ Ū ժȣ ̫ ɪ Ѫ ֧ƣ
  2. Զ ڦ 󪿪Ȫ˪룬 ٫ ҫΫ ۪ Ǫ謹ʪ ު 稪 Ъêƣ
  3. 몦 ݪ 뫵 Ū裬 稪 ڤ 髨 ꣬ زڪ Ϫ 룮 ̸裬 謹 򪳪ΪȪ˪⪿骹 ڤ ٰꪬ룮
  4. 骬謹 תƣ ΪȪ Ȫ Ӫ ݪ ʪê ꢯ Ū򪿪 ΪȪ Ѫ ػǪ룮
  5. Ы Ϊ ᡪʪ 骭 ת ̪ ڪȪ Ы ˪ 謹ϪΪ誦ʪȪ ٤⪻ ު⪻ ֪ ݩ٪⪷ʪê
  1. therefore, behold, days are coming," declares the LORD, "when this place will no longer be called Topheth or the valley of Ben-hinnom, but rather the valley of Slaughter.
  2. "I will make void the counsel of Judah and Jerusalem in this place, and I will cause them to fall by the sword before their enemies and by the hand of those who seek their life; and I will give over their carcasses as food for the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth.
  3. "I will also make this city a desolation and an object of hissing; everyone who passes by it will be astonished and hiss because of all its disasters.
  4. "I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they will eat one another's flesh in the siege and in the distress with which their enemies and those who seek their life will distress them."'
  5. "Then you are to break the jar in the sight of the men who accompany you
  1. 檨 ̸裬 룮 ΪȪϪ ȫի Ȫ ٫ ҫΫ ۪Ȫ Ъ몳Ȫʪ ߯ ۪ Ъ Ϊ룮
  2. 謹 뫵 Ԫ򪳪ΪȪ 謹 ˪êƣ ت  ٤ Ȫ ⢪ Ԥ 裬 寪 ݪȪ룮
  3. 謹Ϫ Դ ת ܪȪ ΪȪ룮 תꪫ ˣ ת ٪ ̪ ̸ 룮
  4. ت ٤ Ȫ ݪުȪ ݪߪ Ȫߪ ǣ 謹 ª Ҧ 뿪 ݪ骤 ު 뿪 ݪ骦 骻룮
  5. ʪϣ Ѣ ̸ƪȪǣ
  1. and say to them, 'Thus says the LORD of hosts, "Just so will I break this people and this city, even as one breaks a potter's vessel, which cannot again be repaired; and they will bury in Topheth because there is no other place for burial.
  2. "This is how I will treat this place and its inhabitants," declares the LORD, "so as to make this city like Topheth.
  3. "The houses of Jerusalem and the houses of the kings of Judah will be defiled like the place Topheth, because of all the houses on whose rooftops they burned sacrifices to all the heavenly host and poured out drink offerings to other gods."'"
  4. Then Jeremiah came from Topheth, where the LORD had sent him to prophesy; and he stood in the court of the LORD'S house and said to all the people:
  5. "Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, 'Behold, I am about to bring on this city and all its towns the entire calamity that I have declared against it, because they have stiffened their necks so as not to heed My words.'"
  1. 몦誤 زڪ Ϫ 룮 Զ ªê ڪϣ ʪ ꪪ 誹ȪǪʪ ۪ɪˣ 謹Ϫ ŪȪ Դ Ѣ ᶪʪΪ ȫի 룮
  2. 謹ϪΪ誦˪ΪȪȪ ŪȪ ߪ 룮 ƪ Դ ȫի Ϊ誦˪룮
  3. 뫵 ʫ ݪ ʫϣ ȫի Ϊ誦 쪿ΪȪʪ룮 ʫϪ٪ƣ ߾ Ѣ زڪ Ū򪿪 ꢯ˪֪ɪ Ъ ̪ ڪ򪵪 ʫ
  4. ߫ ϣ 񫪬 몵몿 ̺蝹쪿 ȫի ê Ϊƣ Ԫ ء ŪΪ٪ƪ ê ê
  5. 髨 ꣬ زڪ Ϫ 룮 ̸裬 謹Ϫ Դȣ ժ몹٪ƪ 뢯ˣ 謹 ͱ٪ƪ ⪿骹 Ϫʪ ͳ 謹 稪 ڤ Ȫʪê
  ̹ڹ޴ ̾(20:1-20:18)    
  1. When Pashhur the priest, the son of Immer, who was chief officer in the house of the LORD, heard Jeremiah prophesying these things,
  2. Pashhur had Jeremiah the prophet beaten and put him in the stocks that were at the upper Benjamin Gate, which was by the house of the LORD.
  3. On the next day, when Pashhur released Jeremiah from the stocks, Jeremiah said to him, "Pashhur is not the name the LORD has called you, but rather Magor-missabib.
  4. "For thus says the LORD, 'Behold, I am going to make you a terror to yourself and to all your friends; and while your eyes look on, they will fall by the sword of their enemies So I will give over all Judah to the hand of the king of Babylon, and he will carry them away as exiles to Babylon and will slay them with the sword.
  5. 'I will also give over all the wealth of this city, all its produce and all its costly things; even all the treasures of the kings of Judah I will give over to the hand of their enemies, and they will plunder them, take them away and bring them to Babylon.
  1. ԽǪ ɣ ѫի ϣ ߫ 몷ƪ 稪 ުΪ ڤ
  2. ѫի ߫ 調 ʫ ߾ ٫˫߫ ڦ Ϭ׺
  3. ѫի ߫ Ϭ׺ Ȫ ߫ ê Ϫ ٣ ѫի ǪϪʪ ת ۰ ު Ъ룮
  4. Ϫ 룮 ̸裬 謹Ϫ ڪ Ԥ ⣬ Ѫ ˣ ت 죬 ª ͪǪ ̸룮 謹 Ѫ򪳪ȪȪ Ыӫ ݪ ⢪ Ԥ Ȫ Ыӫ ֧ ۪꣬ ު ˪ ߯
  5. 謹Ϫ Դ 모ƪ ڪ ̪ ڪ ʤ ڪ ݪ ڪ򪹪٪ ت ⢪ Ԥ Ϫ ꣬ Ыӫ ꡪ ۪룮
  1. 'And you, Pashhur, and all who live in your house will go into captivity; and you will enter Babylon, and there you will die and there you will be buried, you and all your friends to whom you have falsely prophesied.'"
  2. O LORD, You have deceived me and I was deceived; You have overcome me and prevailed I have become a laughingstock all day long; Everyone mocks me.
  3. For each time I speak, I cry aloud; I proclaim violence and destruction, Because for me the word of the LORD has resulted In reproach and derision all day long.
  4. But if I say, "I will not remember Him Or speak anymore in His name," Then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; And I am weary of holding it in, And I cannot endure it.
  5. For I have heard the whispering of many, "Terror on every side! Denounce him; yes, let us denounce him!" All my trusted friends, Watching for my fall, say: "Perhaps he will be deceived, so that we may prevail against him And take our revenge on him."
  1. ѫի 裬 ˣ ڪ骨 Ыӫ ê ݪˣ 룮 ⣬ ʪ ڤ Ѫ ˣ
  2. 裬 ʪ謹 覆 謹 蝹 ʪ ڪ骨ު ʪ 㭪Ǫ 謹 飬 Ū ˪ Ѫ ˣ 謹 ު
  3. 謹 ުȪУ Ȫʪ УЪ˪Ϫު 稪Ϊ檨ˣ 謹 Ȫ ͪЪʪު
  4. ٣ Ϣ˪ު ⪦ ٣˪ê ުު ֪êƪ 稪ϣ 謹 ͪ Ϊ誦 ת ߾ު 㪵ĪƪȪ 謹 ƪު 謹 ݶǪ
  5. 謹˪ ڤƪު Ѫ ު񪬣 ת ۰ ު 몦 誦 ȣ 謹 ګ۰ê 謹ĪުΪ ϰƪ룮 蝹 䲢 㭪ĪȪǪ룮 ªƪ ȣ
  1. But the LORD is with me like a dread champion; Therefore my persecutors will stumble and not prevail They will be utterly ashamed, because they have failed, With an everlasting disgrace that will not be forgotten.
  2. Yet, O LORD of hosts, You who test the righteous, Who see the mind and the heart; Let me see Your vengeance on them; For to You I have set forth my cause.
  3. Sing to the LORD, praise the LORD! For He has delivered the soul of the needy one From the hand of evildoers.
  4. Cursed be the day when I was born; Let the day not be blessed when my mother bore me!
  5. Cursed be the man who brought the news To my father, saying, "A baby boy has been born to you!" And made him very happy.
  1. ϣ ٪ ͪȪ 謹 ˪ު 檨 謹 ϪĪު 㭪ĪȪ 𪺣 몳Ȫʪ 䤪 鴪 룮 Ϊ몳ȪΪʪ Ȫ 鴪Ǫ룮
  2. زڪ ê ѪΪϪ謹 ϼ ̸ ۰裮 謹 ̸ƪ ʪ ªΪ 謹 ͪ򪢪ʪ ٥ 򪻪ު
  3. ê ʰ ڸ裮 ޸ Ѫ Ǫ ⢪ 𾪱 󪵪룮
  4. 裬 謹 ު쪿 ϣ ٽ謹 ߧ تƪϪʪʪ
  5. 裬 ݫ ު 骻⪿骷 ʪ ު쪿 ê ު Ъ Ѫϣ
  1. But let that man be like the cities Which the LORD overthrew without relenting, And let him hear an outcry in the morning And a shout of alarm at noon;
  2. Because he did not kill me before birth, So that my mother would have been my grave, And her womb ever pregnant.
  3. Why did I ever come forth from the womb To look on trouble and sorrow, So that my days have been spent in shame?
  1. Ѫϣ ߪ 몳Ȫʪ ܪ Ϊ誦 Ȫ˪ 𾪱 ϴ УӪ ڤ ˪ ᢪ ڤǪ
  2. ϣ 謹 ٽ Ү ߯ ٽ謹 תȪ Ϫ ê Ϊުު˪ƪʪê飮
  3. ʪ 謹 ٽ ê Ȫ 䪤 ͪЪʪʪΪ
  1. The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD when King Zedekiah sent to him Pashhur the son of Malchijah, and Zephaniah the priest, the son of Maaseiah, saying,
  2. "Please inquire of the LORD on our behalf, for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon is warring against us; perhaps the LORD will deal with us according to all His wonderful acts, so that the enemy will withdraw from us."
  3. Then Jeremiah said to them, "You shall say to Zedekiah as follows:
  4. 'Thus says the LORD God of Israel, "Behold, I am about to turn back the weapons of war which are in your hands, with which you are warring against the king of Babylon and the Chaldeans who are besieging you outside the wall; and I will gather them into the center of this city.
  5. "I Myself will war against you with an outstretched hand and a mighty arm, even in anger and wrath and great indignation.
  1. ǫ ݪ ̺ƣ ޫ뫭 ѫի ޫ ի˫ ΪȪ 񫪫 ߫ 稣 ê
  2. ɪ 謹Ϊ êêƪ Ыӫ ͫ֫ɫī 謹 誦Ȫƪު ϪުǪΪ誦 󪯪٪ 謹˪⪷ƪ몫⪷ު ڪ ߾Ǫ窦
  3. ߫ ͪ ǫ ˪ 몤ʪ
  4. 髨 ꣬ Ϫ 룮 ̸裬 񪿪 ̪ƪ Ыӫ ݪ ǫ Ѫȣ 񪿪 ⢪˪ êƪ 謹Ϫ ໪ ⪫ ﮪ Դ ت 룮
  5. 謹 ⢪ ߪЪ Ӫêƪ 񪿪 ߪ ꣬ ɪ꣬ ̭
  1. "I will also strike down the inhabitants of this city, both man and beast; they will die of a great pestilence.
  2. "Then afterwards," declares the LORD, "I will give over Zedekiah king of Judah and his servants and the people, even those who survive in this city from the pestilence, the sword and the famine, into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and into the hand of their foes and into the hand of those who seek their lives; and he will strike them down with the edge of the sword He will not spare them nor have pity nor compassion."'
  3. "You shall also say to this people, 'Thus says the LORD, "Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death.
  4. "He who dwells in this city will die by the sword and by famine and by pestilence; but he who goes out and falls away to the Chaldeans who are besieging you will live, and he will have his own life as booty.
  5. "For I have set My face against this city for harm and not for good," declares the LORD "It will be given into the hand of the king of Babylon and he will burn it with fire."'
  1. ƣ Դ Ѫ ̪ģ ̭ ܻ˪ê ݪ̣
  2. 룮 謹 ǫ Ȫ ʫ ŪΪ ܻ  檭 ŪӪƪ Դ Ѫê Ыӫ ͫ֫ɫī ⢣ ت ⢣ ٤ Ȫ ⢪ Ԥ Ыӫ ݪ ê ̪ģ 諸 ୪ު ުʪ
  3. ʪϪ Ū ê 몦誤 Ϫ 룮 ̸裬 謹Ϫ 񪿪 ٤ Գ ݪ Գ Ǫ
  4. Դ˪Ȫɪު ϣ ܻ˪ê ݪ̣ Դ ̪ƪ ǫ Ѫˣ ˽Ѫ 檭 Ѫ꣬ ٤ 𾪫룮
  5. 謹ϣ Ԫ򪳪 Դ 򪯪 横ʪ 룮 Դ Ыӫ ݪ ⢪ Ԥ죬 ٪룮
  1. "Then say to the household of the king of Judah, 'Hear the word of the LORD,
  2. O house of David, thus says the LORD: "Administer justice every morning; And deliver the person who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor, That My wrath may not go forth like fire And burn with none to extinguish it, Because of the evil of their deeds.
  3. "Behold, I am against you, O valley dweller, O rocky plain," declares the LORD, "You men who say, 'Who will come down against us? Or who will enter into our habitations?'
  4. "But I will punish you according to the results of your deeds," declares the LORD, "And I will kindle a fire in its forest That it may devour all its environs."'"
  1. ʫ ߪƣ 稪 ڤ
  2. ӫ ʫ裬 Ϫ 룮 ȪȪ ᪷  ƪ Ѫ ˪ ⢪ ϭ 󪻣 謹 Ϊ誦 ۡ몳ȪΪʪ誦ˣ 񪿪 Ϊ檨˪ ת Ἢ ϪʪǪ
  3. ۪ 񨪹 裬 寪 ۪ ̸裬 謹Ϫ 룮 䲢 㩪Ǫ 䲢 ު 몦
  4. 謹Ϫ 񪿪 ̿ ê ê 룮 謹 ̪ ߵ ۯ Ϫ٪ƪ ת
  ( 19:1)   
  (, 20:1)  鼺 þ θӸ  

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